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  11th IAS Conference on HIV Science 18-21 July 2021
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Immunoscenescence and HIV: mutual interactions?
  IAS 2021 July 18-22
this year after several years in which I have requested directly to IAS leadership that they increase visibility around aging & HIV - they did. there were several symposiums on aging & HIV including the one in which this interesting oral talk was presented on a topic I have discussed quite a lot - that LWH & particularly aging & elderly PLWH are impacted by immunosenescence associated with immune dysfunction & that elderly & aging PLWH suffer the impact from this increasing more but this needs much more study. I think just like with CVD & bones the slope of impact increases after PLWH hit certain ages like >50 & continues a worse slope >65 as they ge, I think the same is true for immunosenescence & this is a cause for the increasing decline of elderly PLWH in functionality, fatigue & increasing comorbidities & frailty. Jules Levin
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Nicholas Funderburg PhD
Associate Professor
School Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Division of Medical Laboratory Science Ohio State University


"PLWH had a 20 year older actual arterial age than their chronologic age while for HIV-neg. people the actual & chronologic ages were the sameā€¦.in the table in the upper right hand corner levels of endothelial activation, inflammation, gut barrier dysfunction, monocyte activation, and coagulation are all increased in PLWH who had a coronary calcium score over 400 suggesting atherosclerosis compared to people who had a calcium score of zero. Coronary calcium score was also related to CD16+ inflammatory monocytes in PLWH but not in people without HIV. Immunological perturbations are related to differences in arterial age and coronary calcium score and potentially to end organ disease but the mechanisms that underlie these outcomes are incompletely defined."