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  Conference on Retroviruses
and Opportunistic Infections
February 12-16, 2022
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Impact of HCV cure on depressive symptoms in the HIV-HCV co-infected population
  CROI 2022 Feb 11-16
Gayatri J. Marathe1, Erica EM Moodie1, Marie-Josée Brouillette 1, Charlotte Lanièce Delaunay1, Joseph Cox1, Curtis Cooper2, John Gill3, Valérie Martel-Laferrière4, Neora Pick5, Marie-Louise Vachon6, Sharon Walmsley7, Marina B. Klein1,8; Canadian Co-Infection Cohort
1. McGill University, Montreal,, Canada; 2. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada; 3. University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada; 4. Centre de Recherche du Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada; 5. BC Women’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada; 6. Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada; 7. University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; 8. CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network, Vancouver, Canada