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June 22-26 2022
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Reduction of hepatitis B surface antigen mediated by RNA interference therapeutic AB-729 in chronic hepatitis B patients is associated with T cell activation and a decline in exhausted CD8 T cells
  EASL 2022 June 22-26 London
Sharie C Ganchua1, Bhavna S Paratala1, Christina L Iott1, Edward Gane2, Man-Fung Yuen3, Timothy Eley1, Karen D Sims1, Kevin Gray1, Deana Antoniello1, Angela M Lam1, Michael J Sofia1, Gaston Picchio1 and Emily P Thi1 1Arbutus Biopharma Inc., Warminster PA, USA; 2Auckland Clinical Studies, New Zealand; 3Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong