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June 22-26 2022
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Hepatitis C Screening Rates in NY by Age Cohort 1945-1965 in a Large, Community Health System (Northwell), Before, During and After the COVID Pandemic
  EASL 2022 June 22-26 London
David Bernstein MD, Nitzan Roth MD, PhD, Ben Da MD, Sanjaya Satapathy MD, Henry
Bodenheimer MD, Christian Kuntzen MD, Lee TP MD
Division of Hepatology, Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases, Northwell Health, Manhasset, NY
There are so many gaps in HCV screening, linkage & treatment even in states where HCV apparently receives attention with funded programs. For example, in NYS and no where are OTPs delivering HCV services - so where people with addiction or drug problems are attending programs at Opioid Treatment Programs funded by SAMSHA these people are Not being referred for care & treatment, they are not getting HCV services, in NYS and other jurisdictions. Jules
New York State mandates the offering of hepatitis C (HCV) testing for persons born between 1945-1965 in the outpatient primary care setting. Despite this mandate, < 50% of HCV screening candidates are offered screening and among those found to be HCV Ab positive, not all patients undergo HCV-RNA testing and even fewer are referred for treatment.
We implemented a system where nurse educators personally visited 60 outpatient primary care offices to educate primary care providers and their staffs regarding HCV screening.
From April 1, 2018- August 31, 2021, 50,047 previously unscreened patients born between 1945-1965 were screened with an HCV AB with reflex testing to HCV-RNA in all positive HCV ABs. 10819 were born between 1945-1950, 11573 were born between 1951-1955, 13586 were born between 1956-1960 and 14069 were born between 1961-1965.