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June 22-26 2022
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Health-related quality of life is impaired in
people living with HIV and hepatic steatosis

  EASL 2022 June 22-26 London
M. MICHEL1, 2 , C. LABENZ1, 2, M. ANDERS1, 2, A. WAHL1, 2, L. GIROLSTEIN1, 2, L. KAPS1, 2, W. M. KREMER1, 2, Y. HUBER1, 2, P. R. GALLE1, 2, M. SPRINZL1, 2, J.M. SCHATTENBERG1, 2 1 Metabolic Liver Research Program, I. Department of Medicine, University Medical Centre Mainz, Germany 2 I. Department of Medicine, University Medical Centre Mainz, Germany
(35%) 85 of 245 PLWH with avg age of 52 have hepatic steatosis (HS: CAP >275). Several key points -
even in those with CAP <275 avg CAP was 224 (vs 315 for those with >275) thus they had high CAP, certainly not normal. Both PLWH with & without HS had significant prevalence of comorbidities (Table 1), but those with HS had higher rates of every comorbidity ! Associated with Health Related Quality of Life were HS, BMI, higher education, arterial hypertension, waist circumference, unemployment, age, gender (female). In Figure 3 yu can see the impact on mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain-discomfort and anxiety/depression for both those with & without CAP >275.Althouh those with HS scored worse many PLWH at age 52 did not perform well, they performed less well on mobility, self-care, pain/discomfort, anxiety-depression.