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HCV 60 Minute Rapid Screening - Same Day Treatment – FDA Facilitates Approval
  FDA In Brief: FDA Issues Final Orders Reclassifying Certain Hepatitis C Diagnostic Tests from Class III to Class II - improving submission process for HCV point-of-care HCV RNA testing - (11/22/21)
Study in Australia using 60 minute point-of-care test for HCV: 53% - of participants started HCV DAA therapy the same day
Point-of-care HCV RNA testing with peer-led and nurse-based support to enhance HCV treatment among people with recent injecting drug use at a community-led needle and syringe program: the TEMPO pilot study - see study results below - (11/22/21)


HCV Universal Test-and-Treat With Direct Acting Antivirals for Prisoners With or Without HIV: A Prison Health Care Workers-Led Model for HCV Microelimination in Thailand - (01/03/22)
AASLD: Point-of-Care 60-minute Rapid HCV RNA Screening for IDUs Studies at AASLD & FDA Approval (12/10/21)

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