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Transgender Women and PrEP Care in NYC
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High PrEP Adherence in a Real-World Health Care Setting in New York City Starbuck, Lila MPH1; Golub, Sarit A. PhD, MPH1,2; Klein, Augustus PhD, MSW1; Harris, Alexander B. MPH3; Guerra, Amiyah BA3; Rincon, Christopher BA1; Radix, Asa E. MD, PhD, MPH3
JAIDS Jan 10 2022

Transgender women and trans feminine individuals (TGW/TFI) are a high priority population for the provision of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) care within the United States, but there is limited research that focuses specifically on PrEP adherence within this population.
Observational study of patients prescribed PrEP at a community-based health center.
We enrolled 100 TGW/TFI PrEP patients at a community health center during clinic visits. Adherence data were collected at three time points, using self-report surveys, patient interviews, and urine assays measuring tenofovir. Data were summarized descriptively.
The sample was diverse in age, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic characteristics. Participants demonstrated strong PrEP adherence; at least 80% of the sample reported 90% or greater adherence at each time point. Concordance between self-report and urine assay was high. Among patients who reported taking PrEP within the last 48 hours, 82%-92% had detectable urine tenofovir. However, many patients reported PrEP stop periods of 4 or more days (28%-39% per time point).
Our data highlight TGW/TFI’s capacity to adhere to daily PrEP and sustain PrEP use over time. The concordance between patient self-report and urine TFV levels suggest that providers can trust patient reports of PrEP adherence behavior, and support the use of adherence conversations in clinical settings, without the need for point of care biological monitoring. Findings also underscore the importance of continued attention to drivers of PrEP stops at the patient, clinic, and systems levels and the development of strategies that support sustained PrEP use.



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