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  ID Week
Oct 19, -23 2022
Washington DC

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Screening for Hepatitis C as Part of an Opioid Stewardship Initiative: Identifying Infected Patients and Analyzing Linkage to Care
  IDWeek Oct 19-23 2022
Here is an example of one of the major barriers why we cant eliminate HCV: unprepared providers & clinics - unprepared to treat this population of marginalized drug users with "psychiatric comorbidities & social vulnerabilities" - yet in NYC & other places there are clinics prepared to treat this patient population. Better screening, support systems & linkage to care & treatment systems in these types of clinics as well as ongoing large-scale public awareness & screening education programs, destigmatization education for providers & patients; a strong linkage system to qualified treaters; strong support system for patients, case management, services. There are clinics in NYC, Philadelphia that are examples of how to do this. AS well, OTPs funded by SAMSHA do not currently provide HCV services - systems for treatment on-site for HCV can be provided as well as linkage, but on-site treatment along with services are better because patients are lost as soon as you prefer them, so on-site treatment is the best approach & easily set up with federal support & programs that amazing are lacking. Jules Levin NATAP
Becky B. DeCamillis, MHS, PA-C, MLS(ASCP), Aliza L. Hekman, MMS, PA-C, David H. Priest, MD, MPH
Novant Health Institute of Safety & Quality
Novant Health
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States
Novant Health is a four-state integrated network of 15 physician clinics, outpatient centers and hospitals. Its network consists of more than 1,600 physicians and 29,000 employees at more than 640 locations, including 15 medical centers and hundreds of outpatient facilities and physician clinics.