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The Liver Meeting
November Fri, Nov 10, 2023 - Mon, Nov 14, 2023

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Update on Congress Around White House Plan to Eliminate HCV
  AASLD 2023 nov 10-14
At this session John Ward from a mic in the audience we still do not have a plan. There have been no details of a plan. This is true. There never has been an actual plan laid out. Anthony Martinez said the plan is the key because we need a very complicated diverse care, linkage & screening infrastructure to address the very diverse patent population & their very diverse needs. This is something I have been saying to the Coalition and WH leadership from the beginning which they have ignored. Matthew Akiyama said we need to have a plan for addressing incarcerated which is a unique problem & population, going to underscrore the need for a detailed plan. The issue of DAA cost has been raised as a red herring as a barrier but nothing isfurther from the truth. In fact the $15k for a curse of treatment is inexpesive & cost effective. In HIV it costs $500k over 20-25 years to provide care & medications to a PLWH. Its stigma not cost that is the barrier. Another barrier is the quagmire, climate in the House which may not be conducive for an $8 billion project for drug users. Jules