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  Conference on Retroviruses
and Opportunistic Infections
Seattle, Washington
Feb 19-22 2023
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Telomere Length in Aviremic PWH: How Different is it from Persons Without HIV?
  from Jules: since in this study telomerase was lower in the 70 yr old gen pop but lower for PLWH than gen pop at younger age one can issue that telomerase will be lower at 70 for PLWH than the gen pop this reflecting premature aging & immuosenecence.
CROI 2023 Feb 20-23
Julen Cadiñanos1,2, Javier Rodriguez-Centeno1,2, Rocio Montejano1,2, Andres Esteban-Cantos1,2, Beatriz Mena-Garay1, Maria Jimenez-González1, Gabriel Saiz-Medrano1, Rosa de Miguel1,2, Fernando Rodriguez-Artalejo3, Jose I Bernardino1,2, Cristina Marcelo-Calvo1, Lucia Gutierrez-Garcia1, Patricia Martinez-Martin1, Berta Rodes1,2, Jose R Arribas1,2
1Hospital Universitario La Paz-IdiPAZ, Madrid, Spain, 2CIBER de Enfermedades Infecciosas, Spain, 3Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain