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HBV Patient Declaration of Rights
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"We desperately need hepatitis B prioritized, and the time is now.
We want flexibility in the treatment recommendations, so that we can receive care and treatment even if we are resource limited, and diagnostic testing is not accessible.
We want simplified treatment strategies, so that care is available to more of us.
We want to be at the center of decision making for our care with our preferences and values prioritized."
At the Global Hepatitis Summit April 28 in Paris there was a debate discussing the question of starting treatment right away. There was discussion around if we should have loosening up of the Guidelines around this question, the AASLD committee will be meeting soon to discuss this, but it could take a year to change the Guideline. In the meantime many feel that people with HBV should have the option to start treatment right away. Others are concerned about non-adherence because one a patient starts it is long term therapy. Ongoing now is to reconsidered that research is very actively searching for a functional cure. Many advocates desire treatment options to begin right away.


Danjuma Adda1,2 | Su Wang3,4
1World Hepatitis Alliance, London, UK
2CFID Taraba, Nigeria
3Hepatitis B Foundation, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
4RWJBarnabas Health, Livingston, New Jersey, USA
Su Wang, Hepatitis B Foundation, Doylestown, PA, USA.
Email: su.wang@hepb.org


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