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  EASL 2024
June 5-8, Milan, Italy
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Structured exercise plus mediterranean diet intervention in patients with metabolic-dysfunction associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD): a randomized controlled trial. The EHmet-DIA study
  EASL 2024 June 5-8 Milan Italy>
in HIV aging PWH & those with comorbidities, heart disease, diabetes, metabolics abnormalities, bone disease, cognitive impairment, prefrailty - exercise & diet are the best interventions. Of course PWH & people without HIV often do not want to follow exercise & diet regimens BUT in the general population the Mediterranean Diet & vigorous exercise improve inflammation & can improve prefrailty & preserve cognitive function, reducer better manage heart disease, diabetes & bone disease, as well as improve physical & mental function. SO simply that in NY there is a Nutrition Program funded by Ryan White, it does not provide these needs & benefits. Older, aging PWH & those suffering comorbidities & hunger PWH who want to try to prevent aging related HV syndrome should receive education & support for diet & exercise programs. Vouchers & education for "health" foods" (Mediterranean Diet) is important, many PWH do not know what this diet i & do not understand why it can help them. Vouchers to shop for healthy foods & transportation support to places where they can buy them, like at Farmers Markets in NYC or at Whole Foods is important. This study below was resented June 6 at the European Liver Meeting, EASL showing how exercise & the Mediterranean Diet & extra virgin olive can improve many measures fr good health including fat in the liver, which is important fr many older PWH - because fatty liver (also called NASH is a morbidity the gets no attention - it can occur in PWH at higher rates & is associated with liver disease, being overweight & bad diet. Jules Levin, NATAP