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T-1249 Dow Jones Report
  Following The Successful Development Of FUZEON, Roche And Trimeris Sign Research Pact To Develop Next Generation Of HIV Fusion Inhibitors
Trimeris/Roche: Had Hoped For Longer Dosing Of T-1249
A Trimeris spokeswoman said T-1249 had a once-a-day dosing and the company had hoped for a weekly and monthly dosing instead.
The spokeswoman said the hold on the early stage clinical program of T-1249 was related to the scaling up formulation of chronic dosing and not related to any safety or effectiveness issues.
Trimeris was on the verge of initiating phase II trials of T-1249 , but now it could take several years for that to happen, the spokeswoman said.
The spokeswoman said the company still believes T-1249 is viable, but said Trimeris will be pursuing future peptide fusion inhibitors under the expanded research agreement with Roche.
The spokewoman said the company will disclose financial-related results on T-1249 in its conference call and said there is no change to Roche's earlier target of Fuzeon reaching annual sales of one billion Swiss francs, or $812 million in U.S. dollars.
-Karen M. Lee; Dow Jones Newswires
Updated January 5, 2004 5:29 p.m.
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