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PrEP Aug 8 2015 Video
PROUD Study at CROI 2015.......http://www.natap.org/2015/CROI/croi_10.htm
across all PrEP studies, adherence to PrEP is strongly related to its HIV protection benefits
Daily preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with tenofovir/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) lowered HIV incidence 86% compared with deferred PrEP among gay/bisexual men in the open-label British PROUD trial [1]
Individual incident infections with the most recent HIV negative result, and the first positive HIV result The red bar indicates the time at which the window opened for the month 12 visit.
There were 2 infections in the immediate and 6 in the deferred diagnosed at the first follow-up visit, all of whom could have caught HIV before enrolment. If they were all dropped the effectiveness there would still be a huge difference between the groups.
Of the three immediate infections, one participant had a significant exposure in the week before enrolment which was too late for PEP. He took 15 doses of truvada before his HIV positive test. Although a sample taken 5 days later was negative for tenofovir in the plasma, this was as expected and the fact that he had the 184 minority mutation supports his story of taking Truvada.
The second individual did not return after enrolment and was diagnosed at a different clinic.
The third individual defaulted after three months and was later admitted to another hospital with a seroconversion illness. He told that hospital staff that he had not been taking PrEP for months and had no mutations.
Excerpt from CROI Report ......http://www.natap.org/2015/CROI/croi_136.htm......"[the PROUD study, a randomized trial of daily oral FTC/TDF PrEP among men in the United Kingdom. PROUD enrolled 545 MSM attending public sexual health clinics. A primary goal of PROUD was to evaluate PrEP in a real-world setting, and thus the use of public clinics......The three cases of HIV in the immediate PrEP arm all had suggestions that they were not truly PrEP-exposed at the time of HIV infection (for example, one had defaulted for more than a year)]"


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