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Stigma in HIV+ : 60% experience self-stigma....going along with this is 63% of older HIV+ have 3+ comorbidities which can only worsen stigma & self-stigma


IAS: Experience of Living With HIV: Diagnosis and Disclosure - Findings From the Positive Perspectives Study - self-stigma is high, 63% of older HIV+ have 3+ Comorbidities - (08/02/17) - this study reports - stigma prevails: high self-stigma, depression & poor mental health/anxiety, little support; 63% 3+ Comorbidities among age 50+ 3 times greater than 18-34 years old 0911172


IAS: Health behaviors and outcomes in a U.S. cohort of transgender women in HIV care - (08/08/17)
......More Depression, Worse Quality of Life in Transgender Women vs Men With HIV
IAS: New HIV Down in US MSM in 2008-2014, But Up in Hispanics, Younger Men - (07/28/17)
IAS: HIV Risk Factors and Associated Health Outcomes Among Sexual Minority Women in the United States - Sexual Violence, Drug Injecting, Risky Sex With Men Tied to STI Risk in US Lesbians (08/07/17)
IAS: Half of HIV+ Medicaid Users Have Poor Adherence, Driving Up Costs (08/06/17)
IAS: DISPARITIES Changes in Truvada® for HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Utilization in the USA: 2012-2016 - Disparities - (08/02/17)
IAS: HIV mediated immunosenescence in young adults infected at birth [and HIV+ adults too despite undetectable VL] - (07/31/17)
IAS: Canada - Prevalence of Comorbidities and Impact of HIV and Comorbidities on Health Care Resource Utilization - (08/03/17)


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