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OAR Advisory Council Meeting - Aging/HIV Discussion Slide
Presentation by NIA HIV-Brain Researcher - Nov 15 2018


Office of AIDS Research and National Institute on Aging Launch Collaboration
Download the PDF here
The Office of AIDS Research and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) are collaborating to help increase understanding of the neurological processes contributing to dementia in older adults, including those with HIV. In September 2018, OAR and NIA announced awards for cross-disciplinary projects that will study the similarities and differences between the mental and physical declines seen in Alzheimer's disease and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND). Few studies have looked at the relationship between neurodegenerative processes in HIV and Alzheimer's disease in the era of antiretroviral therapies (ART). As the population of PWH ages due to the availability of ART, HAND is expected to become more widespread.
Newly funded research will explore how Alzheimer's-related conditions may cause HAND in older adults and examine the relationship between physical and mental declines; the impact on overall disease processes; and mental health. Annual workshops will bring project investigators together to discuss the initiative's progress and contribute to the development of a core of researchers from different disciplines.
The following institutions are funded to conduct research under this funding opportunity:


Nov 15 2018 - OAR Advisory Council Meeting - Aging/HIV Discussion
I am watching the OAR webcast & discussion now. I included below slides presented today on Aging & HIV & alzheimers & neurologic disease.
Bill Powderly JUST SAID that many older HIV+ will get Alzheimers, we are experiencing faster dementias & we will get alzheimers. we must understand how to mitigate this clinically.
None of this is getting done or even discussed in any meaningful way by leaders, leaders I mean: OAR, HHS, ACTG, CDC, HRSA, RWCA and our paid "advocates". Most HIV advocates know next to nothing about the aging problem - or appreciate its impact, they need "reorientation", its not all just about PrEP, cure, and U=U. YES we have been totally abandoned by all these agency leasers and very disappointingly by almost all advocates. Education for staff, case managers is crucial to get their participation in what we need an infrastructure addressing aging needs which includes a case manager & staff support team that can help older aging who need it. Its a disgrace that case managers don't know about the aging problem & a disgrace that most advocates do not either or don't understand the problem well enough. Funding from these agencies is NOT available to build the infrastructure needed to provide the services & better care needed for older suffering HIV+, their clinics & clinicians. We need to bear down on these agencies to do this. At HIV clinics throughout the US there is inadequate attention to all these needs. Even in SF where where HIV services are as good as it gets, a recently released ACRIA survey released survey took place identifying severe gaps in care & services for oder aging HIV+ who suffered a lot from unaddressed depression, food insecurity etc - even in SF there is this problem. In NY we have the same problem, Its everywhere & I can tell you by talking with HIV officials in large cities throughout the US these problems & gaps persist everywhere, nowhere does any DOH have this on their list to address. Most ASOs say or do nothing about services for older HIV+ nor do they understand the issues.
The aging NIA talk is ongoing now. This slide shows that researchers recognize very well, we NEED to do research to understand why HIV causes the aging syndrome, no one says we should not to this because we won't figure this out.















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