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New VIDEO - Staying Golden: Aging With HIV
  New VIDEO - Staying Golden: Aging With HIV
Steve Deeks in this Aging Video: "This has become the #1 issue from at least a clinical perspective"......"people are taking multiple medications dealing with poly pharmacy ...people living with HIV may have different neurocognitive problems related to HIV itself, while they are still at risk for alzheimers and other aging related conditions, depression is more common for all PLWH, but among those aged with HIV they have experienced a lot of loss", Meredith Greene, MD
"Over 65% with HIV in SF are over 50.....By some estimate people with HIV age 10 years faster, maybe not on the outside but on the inside....its exhausting for the body, your whole body is revved up, even with great medicines on board, this can do things like thickening arteries faster than you would have that.....They didn t build careers, didn't save for retirement.....entering retirement now without security, its a big deal......people din't understand all the pressures this aging HIV+ population is dealing with.....the epidemic is changing, its very unique.....we are dealing with the consequences of this"....Dr Gandhi
"The amount of Loneliness & sadness is shocking, its hard to imagine any other disease where all of your friends. Partners were wiped out in one go", Monica Gandhi: "people are aging & dealing with unique challenges"

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