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The National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project - NATAP - provides the latest in HIV and AIDS drug research and treatment information as well as comprehensive reports and developments from the Fifth Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections conference, as well as from the ICAR, ICAAC, IDSA, European and International HIV and AIDS conferences, and from other sources. 


50th AASLD
(America Association for the Study of Liver Diseases)
Liver Meeting in Dallas
November 5-9, 1999


    Additional Reports:

Pharmacokinetics on Two Pegylated Interferons Reported at AASLD 1999 (2/23/2000)

    Jules Levin Reports Live from Dallas    

  • Report 1
         NATAP at Dallas: PEG IFN; HCV Dynamics

  • Report 2
         NATAP at Dallas: Pegylated Interferon in Chronic HCV- Interim Data
  • Report 3 
         African Americans Show High Rate of Genotype 1;
    Pre-Treatment Differences Between HCV-Infected African Americans and Non-African American Patients
  • Report 4
         Response to HCV Treatment By African Americans; When Should Individual Begin HCV Treatment
  • Report 5
         Two reports on IL-2 treatment in HCV treatment. And the effects of PI therapy for HIV on HCV fibrosis progression.
         -  Sustained HCV Eradication After IL-2 Therapy in Patients with HCV/HIV Co-Infection
         -  HIV Protease Inhibitor Therapy and Duration of PI Therapy May Be Associated Slower Liver Fibrosis Progression
  • Report 6
         Preliminary data from Schering Plough's pegylated interferon; early prediction and mechanism of RBV-IFN effect on chronic HCV
  • Report 7 
         Two articles:
    • Pegylated Interferon for Treatment in Individuals with Cirrhosis
    • Risk Factors for Liver Fibrosis Progression
  • Report 8
         Maxamine for HCV
  • Report 9 
         1 log HCV Viral Load Reduction May Improve Liver
  • Report 10 
         VX-497- Preliminary Data from Dose Ranging Study
  • Report 11 
         IFN & T-Cell Mediated Immunity: differences between interferons
  • Report 12  
  • Report 13 
         Several Infergen (Consensus Interferon) Studies
  • Report 14 
         Both Fish Oil & Vitamin E Improve ALT (liver function test
  • Report 15 
         Starting HCV Treatment When Disease is Mild Update on Treating HCV-HIV Coinfection
  • Report 16 
         Update on Treating HCV-HIV Coinfection
  • Report 17 
         Depression in HCV & HCV Treatment
  • Report 18 
         More Amantadine Studies
  • Report 19 
         Potential for Liver Biopsy Sampling Error

Two Day FDA Hearing on HIV Drug Resistance (October 4, 1999)

Report From First of Two Day FDA Hearing on HIV Drug Resistance
Day 2 of FDA Hearing on Use of HIV Drug Resistance Testing

Reports from Lisbon-- 7th European Conference on Clinical
Aspects and Treatment of HIV Infection

  • First Report From Lisbon (10/24/99)
    Ritonavir + Indinavir: 48 week Update
  • Second Report From Lisbon (10/25/99)
    An evaluation of the clinical, biochemical, immunological and virological impact of switching from a PI to NVP in for patients with lipodystrophy and HIV suppression..
  • Third Report From Lisbon (10/26/99)
    Efavirenz Reduces Methadone Levels.
  • Fourth Report From Lisbon (10/27/99)
    Report on Selected Late Breakers at Lisbon European AIDS Conference
  • Fifth Report From Lisbon (10/28/99)
    Structured Treatment Interruption in Chronically HIV-1 Infected Patients
    After Long Term Viral Suppression
  • Report Six from Lisbon (11/4/99)
    Is there a unique aspect to treatment failure of a triple nucleoside regimen or to an abacavir-based triple nucleoside regimen compared to failing a PI or NNRTI based regimen?
  • Report Seven from Lisbon; Lisbon Updates (11/4/99)
    72 weeks Nelfinavir; PI Sparing regimen- Abacavir+Efavirenz+AZT/3TC
    Pilot Open-Label Study of 3TC+AZT+Abacavir+Efavirenz
  • Report Eight from Lisbon (11/4/99)
    Is there a unique aspect to treatment failure of a triple nucleoside regimen or to an abacavir-based triple nucleoside regimen compared to failing a PI or NNRTI based regimen?
  • Report Nine from Lisbon (11/16/99)
    Switching frpm PI to Abacavir: 3TC+d4T+ddI Initial Therapy,

    Triple NRTI Initial Therapy--3TC+AZT+DDI: preliminary data
  • Report Ten from Lisbon (11/17/99)
    Switch from PI based regmen to Efavirenz regimen
  • Report Eleven from Lisbon (11/17/99)
    Replacing Protease Inhibitor with Abacavir: Preliminary 16-Week Data
  • Report Twelve from Lisbon (11/17/99)
    ABT-378: 48 week Update

ICAAC Reports, September 1999, San Francisco

Report from the 1st Lipodystrophy Conference, San Diego, June 29:
HGH in Treating Fat Redistribution or Lipodystrophy, Report # 2 (8/1/99)

Reports from the 3rd International Workshop on
Drug Resistance and Treatment Strategies
(Resistance Meeting), San Diego, June 23-26


Report 5 – DAPD: a new NRTI that may be effective for people with resistance to NRTIs like AZT, d4T, etc (8/24/99)

Report 4 – Highlights from Resistance Workshop June 23-26 (7/28/99)

  • (Update) Dynamics of viral load rebound and immunological changes in two consecutive interruptions of anti-retroviral therapy
  • The potential role of resistance testing and therapeutic drug monitoring in the optimization of antiretroviral drug therapy
  • Drug resistance and short term virological response in patients prescribed multi-drug rescue therapy
  • Multivariate analysis of predictors of response to abacavir: comparison of prior anti-retroviral therapy, baseline HIV RNA, CD4 count, and viral resistance

Report Three on the Resistance Workshop - Selected Highlights (7/12/99)

  • RS-344: a new protease inhibitor designed to be effective against HIV resistant to current protease inhibitors
  • Decay Observed of replication competent HIV in resting CD4 cells during prolonged anti-retroviral treatment
  • Evolution of HIV V3 envelope sequences from residual lymph node RNA from patients on potent anti-retroviral therapy with undetectable plasma viremia for up to 2 years
  • Impact of early initiation of anti-retroviral therapy on residual viremia; one person stopped therapy and their viral load became detectable
  • Dynamics of viral load rebound and immunological changes in two consecutive interruptions of anti-retroviral therapy
  • Low and decreasing rate of viral rebound with prolonged viral suppression on HAART: insights into the long-term impact of resistance
  • Genotypic amprenavir resistance profile in multi-experienced protease inhibitor patients
  • The N88S mutation in HIV-1 protease is associated with increased susceptibility to amprenavir
  • Detection of drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 patients with early viral rebound during ongoing combination therapy program
  • Accuracy and reproducibility of ultra-low genotyping
Tipranavir--more resistance details (7/5/99)
Overview of Resistance Workshop (7/3/99)
Tipranavir (6/24/99)
ABT-378 (6/24/99)
Resistance Testing and Prevalence of Transmitted Resistant HIV-- Report from
Resistance Workshop, San Diego June 23 '99
  • Genotypic Testing
  • 3 Testing Companies (You want to use a reliable lab)
  • What is PhenotypicTesting?
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of Genotypic & Phenotypic Testing
  • Studies Showing Benefits of Resistance Testing -VIRADAPT
  • GART - (genotypic anti-retroviral resistance testing)
  • Prevalence of Transmitted Resistant Virus


The Tenth Symposium on HIV Infection in Toulon, France-- European AIDS Conference June 1999 (11/4/99)

Report from the Second Int'l Workshop on Salvage Therapy for HIV Infection, May 19-21st in Toronto, Canada (5/26/99)

Report from RIGHT Conference April 19 Washington DC: Salvage Study Using RTV+IDV+Hydroxyurea; Immune Reconstitution (4/21/99)

By Jules Levin:

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