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HHS-Older PLWH Reduced Survival by 3.6 times & More Comorbidities
  study conduced by HHS
Assessing the health status and mortality of older people over 65 with HIV - greater mortality, more comorbidities - (06/07/21)
After adjusting for other demographic and geographic characteristics in the Cox propor-tional hazard model, an HIV diagnosis was associated with a hazard ratio (HR) of all-cause mortality that was approximately 3.6 times the HR of older adults without diagnosed HIV (col-umn 1 of Table 2). The HR was even higher when we included an interaction with exposure time (years since age 65) to address non-proportional hazards (HR = 5.90), although this ratio decreased by approximately 1% for each year of exposure (column 2). Beneficiaries who are male, non-Hispanic Blacks, rural, or dually enrolled in Medicaid all had higher HRs in every specification of the model. The primary result—the mortality hazard was higher for people with HIV than for people without HIV—was robust across all specifications of the model.
we found that older people with HIV have a higher overall hazard of mortality as well as a higher odds of having depression (2.7times higher), chronic kidney disease 2.3 times higher), COPD(1.67 times higher), osteoporosis (2.6 times higher), colorectal cancer, lung cancer, hypertension, ischemic heart disease (60% higher), diabetes (25% higher), chronic hepatitis, and end-stage liver disease compared to those without HIV




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