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Mortality & Elderly PLWH
  Here is the link to the HRSA study on increased mortality for aging PLWH, and there are a number of very relevant similar studies on increased mortality for older aging & elderly PLWH listed below, all reporting increasing mortality for older, aging & elderly PLWH with comorbidities and racial & gender disparities......... Jules
HRSA Aging/HIV Medicare Paper - "need for personalized care & maximizing functional status....training medical professionals....increased coordination & integration of services, geriatric services " - (09/08/21)
"we found that older people with HIV have a higher overall hazard of mortality as well as a higher odds of having depression, chronic kidney disease, COPD, osteoporosis, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, and end-stage liver disease compared to those without HIV ......minorities and dual Medicaid enrollees overall had higher hazards of mortality as well as higher odds and incidence of many conditions"
Excess Black Deaths PLWH & Higher Morbidity- (12/23/21)
ATHENA Cohort:
both comorbidities and frailty were independently associated with all-cause mortality in the Cox model, after adjusting for sex, race, year of initial enrollment, and SEER region (Table S3). Having high comorbidities category (HR, 3.24; 95% confidence interval [CI], 3.20-3.28) and low/medium comorbidities category (HR, 1.36; 95% CI, 1.34-1.39) were both associated with higher risks of death than having no comorbidities
Life expectancy estimates based on comorbidities and frailty to inform preventive care - (01/11/22)
PLWH Survival Declines with Comorbidities Danish Cohort - (01/25/22)
Persons with higher levels of comorbidity had shorter life expectancies-
Life Expectancy Decreases with Comorbidities - Comorbidity-Adjusted Life Expectancy: A New Tool to Inform Recommendations for Optimal Screening Strategies - (01/12/22)
Fall & Frailty Increase Mortality in Older PLWH Frailty Assessments In Routine Care - (01/18/22)
Women with HIV Have More Comorbidities, Worse Physical Function, & Inflammation - (01/07/22)
Mutimorbidity Increases 50% in PLWH Over Past Several Years; 76% of HIV Have Polypharmacy. - (01/25/22)
Social Determinants of Health & African-Americans Associated with Chronic Comorbidities & Brain Aging - (12/23/21)
Comparison of Overall and Comorbidity-Free Life Expectancy Between Insured Adults With and Without HIV Infection, 2000-2016 - 9 years difference in survival for PLWH
Sex and race disparities in premature mortality among people with HIV: a 21-year observational cohort study - Premature Mortality Higher in Women and Blacks in US HIV Group - (10/01/21)

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