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  IAS 2023
July 23rd - 26th
12th IAS Conference on HIV Science
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6 Key Aging/ HIV Messages at IAS 2023


1. AGEING WITH HIV (IAS Plenary): Prioritizing person-centred care - (08/02/23)
2. HIGHLIGHT: Statin Reduces CVD events by Higher than Expected 35% in PWH • IAS: ACTG Announces Publication of REPRIEVE Trial in New England Journal of Medicine and Presentation at IAS 2023 - (07/24/23)
• IAS: REPRIEVE Results published: Pitavastatin to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease in HIV Infection - (07/24/23)
3. Poor Control of Heart Disease Among PW, low statin Use:
CVD Health Poor Among PWH: Cardiovascular health among persons with HIV without existing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: low statin 44% & anti-hypertensives 39% use among eligible - poor control of risk factors. - (07/25/23)
Under 2% of San Franciscans With HIV Have All 5 CVD Risk Factors Controlled - (08/03/23)
4. Frailty=disability: Disability in people living with HIV (PLWH) in Asia: a prospective multi-centre case-control study: PWH had higher rates of frailty (6.8% v 1.3%), anxiety, stress, polypharmacy (14.7% v 7%), worse mood - men avg age 53+/-10 - (08/02/23)
Frailty Worsens in 25% of 50-and-Older Thai HIV Group-But Improves in Many-Through 5 Years - (08/03/23)
5. Cognitive impairment-Frailty: 21% of PWH at 50 had 2 deficits for more in functioning: MEASURING INTRINSIC CAPACITY: A SCREENING TOOL FOR INTEGRATED CARE IN AGEING PEOPLE WITH HIV - (08/03/23)
6. Sedative drug burden is associated with concurrent physical frailty in people aging with HIV in Canada: findings from the Positive Brain Health Now Study (+BHN) - (08/02/23)